The first episode of the Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PlayStation 4, which is eagerly awaited by fans, is expected to be released in April. To bridge the weeks leading up to the release, Square Enix has now released the complete opening sequence for the game.

So far, there have been a few small trailers and numerous pictures for Final Fantasy 7 Remake and, apart from the Karfunkel accident from Square Enix, the fans have so far been quite satisfied. Now there are only a few months until the game appears – time to get the community in the mood. Assuming the material is now released, the Final Fantasy 7 reissue will be fans impress graphically,

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Just a few minutes, but good minutes

At the 10th of April the reissue of the 1997 version of Final Fantasy appears likely. The opening sequence, which you can see above, not only conveys a feeling of nostalgia, it also allows an extensive look at new and revised elements of the game,

In contrast to original version, in which you see nothing but the stars for quite a while, was put on here. The video starts with a detailed look at that redesigned Midgar, Children play and different characters do their job. Aerith, Cloud, Barret and the other members of the command squad can of course not be missing and have an exciting appearance.

So that you don't get confused.

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Final Fantasy 7 remake: all characters at a glance

Have you already pre-ordered the game? Which Final Fantasy part is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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