Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Children have too few arms for fitness video

Image source: The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon brand is already celebrating its 25th anniversary. This time was not only sweetened with an anime series and numerous films, but also with games and smaller projects. Now the pocket monsters are supposed to encourage children to do sport – with a curious video.


Pokémon: Now it's getting sporty

Due to the global pandemic, freedom of movement is currently severely restricted. Many sporting activities, romping around in playgrounds and group activities are canceled for the time being. It is not only adults who suffer from this – children in particular find it difficult to exercise their urge to move around in this situation. That should change.

On the official children's channel of Pokémon Machomei therefore makes every effort to get the children to get up from the sofa every morning and to do sports. Stretching and exercises for arms and legs should enable a healthy start to the day.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MysKyLP0g0M [/ embed]

Pokémon: Was Macho the Right Choice?

Whether macho was the right choice for this video remains to be seen. Sure, it's definitely the most muscular Pokémon, but it has too a couple of arms too many. Which one should one follow in the exercises? Nonetheless, it could be fun for the children and encourage them to be active – maybe the whole thing rubs off on one or the other adult.

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