Chinese developers are worried about plans for China version of Steam

of Dominik Zwingmann
Valve is currently planning an exclusive China version of Steam. Several developers in the country are currently concerned about their existence should Valve actually shut down the international store. In an anonymous interview, several studios commented on the topic. The indie scene in China in particular is relying on the availability of Steam. The new version would interfere with the government's strict regulations.

Several Chinese developers have anonymously commented on Valve's plans to release an exclusive China version of Steam, thereby blocking the international store that is still available in the country. Due to the strict regulation of the media by the Chinese government, platforms such as Facebook, Twitch or Google are not available. Thanks to Steam, developers can currently at least reach a worldwide audience. In the China variant of Steam, only selected titles should appear that also comply with the rules of the country.

At the moment, there are only 40 games. Compared to the selection in the international store, this is a more than clear difference. Small development teams in China are now worried that they will no longer be able to publish their games as they wish and that numerous buyers will be lost. Valve has already announced that nothing will change for developers from China, but some studios have doubts about this statement and fear for its existence.

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Source: PC gamers

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