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The Guild Wars 2 soundtrack has been full of great tracks since its release. That's why 144 singers grabbed one of the best pieces by composer Maclaine Diemer and performed it virtually together with him. The result can be heard!

While many people are currently not supposed to leave their house at all, fans are getting pretty creative. This is demonstrated by the Virtual Game Orchestra (VGO) on YouTube, which brings musicians and fans together for impressive performances. The latest example is particularly impressive for Guild Wars 2 players, but also worth hearing for outsiders. Because the official GW2 composer Maclaine Diemer has virtual with 144 singers the track "Aurene, Dragon Full of Light" listed:

Where does the song about the dragon Aurene come from?

Of course, an online choir cannot work as synchronously and perfectly coordinated as a gathering of singers, but the result is really impressive. The mythical piece from the soundtrack of the fourth season of the Living World captures perfectly how the Zephyrites in the young dragon Aurene see the hope of the waves. The piece has been in the set to music since the episode "All or Nothing", in which we visit the Donnerkopf summit. Before that, there was already a hummed variant that could be heard at the Festival of the Four Winds 2018.

Guild Wars 2: All or Nothing, the Dragonborn Forge under Thunderhead Summit

In the underground halls of Donnerkopf Summit, Zephyrites, pact supporters, undead from Elona, ​​hunters of the Norn and more gathered in GW2 to stop the dragon Kralkatorrik.

Source: Buffed

Who did the Guild Wars 2 soundtrack come from?

Composer Maclaine Diemer was the lead composer of Guild Wars 2 from 2012 to 2019 (buy now € 39.95 ), but has continued to write music for the Arenanet MMORPG since his resignation. In addition to the music of Diemer, the world of Guild Wars 2 is also filled with the work of Jeremy Soule, who also created the soundtrack for the Elder Scrolls series. Soule's soundtrack for Guild Wars 1 can be heard repeatedly in Guild Wars 2.

Is there any music from Guild Wars 2 that particularly touches you? Which song is your favorite? Do you know any other cover versions that you would like to share with others? Tell us in the comments!

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