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After the developers at Bungie have already given you a choice between dinosaurs and classic movie monsters for your guardian look in Destiny 2, it is now the turn of ornaments for popular exo weapons. Which weapons will be allowed to shine in new splendor next?

Weapons, and especially exotic weapons, have a major impact on the enjoyment of the game in Destiny 2. Some of the Exos have such powerful effects and bonuses that you won’t leave the house (let alone the tower) without them. And that’s why the developers at Bungie are giving some exotic guns and fighting bows a new look by introducing an ornament, so that you can still shoot a lot tomorrow – or sometimes fill the development studio’s war chest with a little silver. Some ornaments are then only available when you shop at Tess Everis.

Vote for the only real weapon!

The designers at Bungie have decided to give you a piece of the creative process for new weapon ornaments, through a vote. We are working on ornaments for three weapons, twelve are available. These include, for example, weapons such as Telesto and Sun Shot. The Full List: Scarlet, Lion Roar, Graviton Lance, Le Monarque, Merciless, Risky, Heavenly Oath, Sun Shot, Workhorse, Telesto, Trinity Ghoul, and Wings of Vigilance.

If you click on the link, then you come to the vote. You can then choose from a maximum of three weapons. It can be assumed that the people at Bungie will then communicate the result relatively quickly; probably in the next TWAB. At least that was the case with the previous survey on the armor looks for the Festival of the Lost – by the way, the dinosaur fans prevailed against the fans of classic film monsters.

Incidentally, the author of these lines thinks the vote is excellent and hopes that you will give your vote to the area damage jokers Trinity Ghoul and Risky ^^

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