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Ever since the honor system started in WoW Classic, players have been trying to earn Honor Points for rankings as efficiently as possible. Part of it is said to have come repeatedly to agreements between players of Horde and Alliance. Through Twitter, Blizzard has once again emphasized that such behavior violates the World of Warcraft Terms of Service.

The Honor system from WoW Classic It's been a while now, and there are the first ones Battlefields only in the coming night, to be opened on the 11th of December, honorees who are aiming for the higher ranks have had to settle for PvP in the open world so far. Do it on some servers the beating, for example at Tarrens mill, a lot of funthat's on other servers Open-PvP completely out of joint thanks to unequal fraction strength devices.

Everywhere PvP fans who are aiming for the highest ranks, but above all a goal: as efficiently as possible to collect honor, so that crass Grind down to the top a little less blatant. There are always reports of players and groups that agree with players and groups of the other faction to grant each other quick honor points. How? Well, by repeated knocking without resistance, until the other no longer brings honor.

At the request of the player Mookey1535 Blizzard made now on Twitter once again clear that such a behavior against the conditions of use of World of Warcraft (buy now for 39,99 €) violates and punishes accordingly. However, to make sure those responsible do not get along with their unfair behavior, we must notify players in-game or via email (to

The Blizzard employee admits that it can be complicated to verify the messages. It is also fitting that various WoW players under the Twitter post report of having passed so-called win-trading of this kind with evidence to Blizzard, without something happened after that. The reported players would continue to operate their honorless grind.

How does it look? Have you ever seen (and maybe even reported) this kind of glorification in Classic?

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