Chris Metzen and Mike Gilmartin are former Blizzard developers and co-creators of the Warcraft universe. You've also worked on Diablo and StarCraft backstories, bringing tons of heroes to life. In October 2020, Metzen and his colleagues presented their new company with the imposing name of Warchief Gaming. A few hours ago the team announced their first project in a long video.

The story of the game universe Auroboros is based on a D&D campaign that Metzen played together with his childhood friends in the 80s. Together with the main developer Ryan Collins, a former game designer from Hearthstone, Metzen's team is creating an RPG world based on the rules system of the fifth edition of D&D. The first rule book, entitled Worldbook: Lawbrand, was to be funded via crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Most of all the stories in D&D take place in the world of Faerûn, also known as the Forgotten Realms. Faerûn's landscapes are wild and untamed. Auroboros, on the other hand, takes place in a world called Drastnia, which is much more urban and densely populated.

"Lawbrand is an alliance of urbanized trading cities"said Metzen in an interview with Polygon. "There are eight or nine of these trading cities whose life revolves around the great trade routes. The people of these cities are living in the midst of an industrial revolution."

Blizzard: Off to Auroboros! Chris Metzen creates a new world in D&D (2)

Source: Warchief Gaming

Blizzard: Off to Auroboros! Chris Metzen creates a new world in D&D (3)

Source: Warchief Gaming

Blizzard: Off to Auroboros! Chris Metzen creates a new world in D&D (4)

Source: Warchief Gaming

Blizzard: Off to Auroboros! Chris Metzen creates a new world in D&D (5)

Source: Warchief Gaming

The first artworks show the aforementioned trading cities, whose skylines are dominated by tall towers and factory chimneys. It seems that there is already electric light in the cities and there are huge merchant ships in the ports, which are very reminiscent of the classic sailors from our world. The picture that shows the monumental cathedral in the middle of a factory is particularly impressive.

"In these big cities all peoples essentially live together"said Metzen. "The ogre neighborhood is down here, the dwarves live here and the people are there. They all work in the same factories, their children go to the same schools, and there is a big church that keeps order in this new society."

But in the background there is a powerful magic that emanates from mystical tattoos. "The Auroboros himself (note: this is a snake) is like a primal force of creation"said Metzen. "The more you use it, the more that magic takes over you. It turns into madness and death. It's like the life of a classic rock star – the aforementioned Jim Morrison Syndrome."

So the magic of Auroboros gives players incredible powers. Whoever uses this power can do incredible things in Drastnia. They could turn cities to stone, freeze entire oceans, or pulverize mountains with one flick of the wrist. However, this magic comes at a high price and turns the hero into a grotesque villain sooner or later. That sounds very promising!

The first Kickstarter campaign for Worldbook: Lawbrand begins April 20th. On the official website of Warchief Gaming you can follow the project and sign up for the newsletter, for example.

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