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The release of Christopher Nolan's new film Tenet has been postponed repeatedly to wait for better conditions. Because during the corona pandemic not as many people go to the cinema as usual. The success at the box office is all the more surprising now.

Covid-19 is currently pure kryptonite for cinema operators and film studios. Because of closed movie theaters, insecure film fans and strict requirements for cinema halls, the box office results for films that can actually be seen on the big screen look rather meager. For this reason, the release of Christopher Nolan's blockbuster production Tenet had been postponed for so long – they were practically waiting for better conditions. But in the meantime the film has come to cinemas all over the world – wherever possible. The prognoses regarding the impact at the box office were correspondingly modest. But Tenet surprised!

Better cinema release than Dunkirk and Interstellar in Germany

After last weekend, when Tenet was shown in 41 countries around the world, the first figures on the film's success are available. While previously the best case scenario was 40 million US dollars at the box office, Tenet is currently shining Revenue of $ 53 million worldwide.

John David Washington in Tenet by Christopher Nolan

John David Washington stars in Tenet

Source: Warner Bros.

The strongest markets in this regard were the UK ($ 7.1 million), France ($ 6.7 million) and Korea ($ 5.1 million). Thanks to German visitors, those responsible at Warner Bros can look forward to a further 4.2 million US dollars. Accordingly, Tenet – despite Corona – was better received than Dunkirk and Interstellar on their first weekends.

Of course, Tenet also benefits comparatively from the unusual situation during the pandemic: The unusual action film is currently the biggest movie with practically no competition. Those who decide to go to the cinema are accordingly more likely to watch Tenet.

Source: movie starts

Do you dare to go to the cinema again? Would you like to watch Tenet? Or do you have enough to catch up on older films at home? Tell us and others in the comments!

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