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Sony Pictures has to look again for a new director for the planned Uncharted filming. Due to scheduling conflicts, the recently engaged Travis Knight leaves. The reason for this is probably the tight schedule of the actor Tom Holland.

The planned Uncharted filming is really not a good star. As can be seen from a current report by Deadline magazine, the project has lost its director again. Accordingly, the recently engaged Travis Knight, who previously made a name for himself with films such as "Bumblebee" and "Kubo: The Brave Samurai", has left.

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The reason for the change again is a conflict with the tight schedule of the actor Tom Holland, who is known to slip into the role of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted film. In the summer of next, however, the filming of his third Spider-Man film is due, which in turn conflicts with the previous plans for the Uncharted filming. Therefore, Travis Knight had to turn his back on the project.

Sony Pictures is currently looking for a new director. In the meantime, the studio has a certain level of practice, because Dan Trachtenberg was actually intended for this position before Knight. He was the successor to Shawn Levy, who threw in the towel last December. According to Deadline's report, Sony Pictures is considering postponing the Uncharted film's theatrical release somewhat, taking into account the latest developments. So far, this was planned for December 18, 2020. However, now that a new director has to be found, this could be a bit difficult.

Source: Deadline

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Also popular with PC game readers Mark Wahlberg could be seen alongside Tom Holland in the Uncharted film. "Src =" https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/237x133/2012/08/unchartedpic3_b2teaser_169.jpg

Mark Wahlberg in conversation for the Uncharted Movie

In addition to Tom Holland, another well-known actor could be seen in the film version of Uncharted. The Uncharted film needs a new director again. "Src =" https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/237x133/2012/08/unchartedpic3_b2teaser_169.jpg

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Former director of Uncharted's film adaptation, Dan Trachtenberg, has recently left the project. Uncharted: No direct adaptation of the games planned for the movie (1) "src =" https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/237x133/2016/05/Uncharted_Test_Offizielle_Screens-2--pc-games_b2teaser_169.jpg

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According to director Dan Trachtenberg, the Uncharted film will tell a new story about a younger Nathan Drake.