In The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt we finally get to see her: Geralt's foster daughter Ciri, the girl with the ash-colored hair. Besides the butcher of Blaviken, she is the only playable character in the game. But who is the young woman, why is she so important for the whole witcher story and how does her gameplay differ from that of the witcher? Read it here and don't miss our Ciri cosplay tips!

The Witcher 3: Ciri from Cintra, the heroine of the witcher books

Ciri is the real hero of the witcher novels, but she has never appeared in the Witcher games and, apart from the epilogue of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, was not even mentioned. The brave young woman is the real heroine of the witcher story that actually takes place Geralt-Saga rather Ciri saga should be called. So that you know about Ciri even without studying the witcher novels, we have compiled everything you need to know about Geralt's foster daughter.

But be careful! The following text is teeming with spoilers!

Ciri at a glance:

Full name Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, princess of Cintra
place of birth Cintra
Age 22
profession Sorcerer and Providence Child
character impetuous, impulsive, adventurous, dutiful, vain, sometimes cruel
particularities Child of providence; Carrier of the elderly blood; masterful swordswoman; can jump through space and time; large scar on the cheek; Daughter of Emhyr var Emreis (Duny vom Erlenwald), the Emperor of Nilfgaard and Pavetta Fiona Elen, Princess of Cintra

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Ciri and the Elder Blood

To understand what is so special about Ciri, you need to know that she is the carrier of the elder blood, "Hen Ichaer" in the old Elven language. This special blood gives its wearers unprecedented powers with which they can switch between space and time, among other things. The Elves originally created the Elderly Blood to travel and colonize new worlds in the distant future if their own world should end. However, since the older blood gets stronger from generation to generation, the elves planned an ingenious breeding program in which they crossed the respective blood carriers with selected elven magicians.

So far everything went as planned until the sphere conjunct arrived and several parallel universes collided with each other. So not only monsters but also humans entered the elven world. They researched and learned magic – which for many means both a blessing and a curse. The fairy Larra Dorren, the current bearer of Hen Ichaer, got involved with a human magician and gave birth to a mixed-race child. This was bad enough for the elves, but when Larra died soon after, the elf's older blood was irretrievably lost in its purely elven form. Since then, Hen Ichaer has been rampant through the generations of short-lived and prolific people and it manifests itself again and again in outstanding individuals, until it broke out in the royal family of Cintra due to special circumstances in unprecedented strength.

Ciri and Providence

Ciri's story begins before she was born, because her mother Pavetta, also a carrier of the elderly blood, was able to marry her lover, a cursed prince named Duny von Erlenwald, thanks to the intervention of Geralt von Riva. The latter gave Geralt the promise to give him everything he wanted. Since Duny was only entitled to marry Pavetta by the law of surprise, Geralt uttered precisely those words that make such a claim: “You should give me what you already have without knowing about it. " To everyone's surprise, this was Duny's still unborn child, because Pavetta was already pregnant without his knowledge of him.

Geralt originally planned to win a new witcher recruit in this way, because children affected by fate are particularly suitable for the witcher mutations. But Geralt finally gave up the plan, especially after he learned that "his" providential child was a girl. But fate could not be tricked so easily and Geralt was never rid of Ciri for long. Whatever the sorcerer did, Ciri kept stepping back into his life.

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