City guards and other NPCs are also becoming more diverse

from Matthias Brückle
In WoW Shadowlands we will be able to make the appearance of our own heroes much more diverse. These new options will also make guards and other NPCs look more diverse in cities.

In WoW's character editor, we'll find a veritable flood of new settings in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. With these we can make our heroes much more individual, with additional and brand new options such as jewelry, tattoos, hairstyles, skin tones & Co. In addition, there will also be new looks for people characters that go more in an Asian or African direction. In one Interview with Blizzplanet Game Director Ion Hazzikostas has confirmed that we will also see more diverse city guards and other NPCs in WoW cities.

Human characters can look Asian in WoW Shadowlands.

Human characters can look Asian in WoW Shadowlands.

Source: Wowhead

Visual retcon for better representation in WoW

"Osaid let's look at that as a kind Retcon. ", Hazzikostas explains the upcoming change in Shadowlands. "Wir for example Do not change existing, already named and established characters and make them look different. But if you walk around in storm wind, if you walk around in other parts of the world, becomes one guards and random civilians see, the to have a (new) look), as it would always have been that way. Because frankly we are correcting it in my opinion a years of failure and try that representation to improve in a broader sense. We are guardians of one Fantasy universe and a world that we have built and we don't want the right thing just avoid because we feel bound to a decision that was made creatively in another era – 15 years ago."

Human characters can look African in WoW Shadowlands.

Human characters can look African in WoW Shadowlands.

Source: Wowhead

Art Director Ely Cannon also said in an interview with wowhead that we are likely to see more NPCs in the future who will benefit from the new character options. He still kept the retroactive adjustment of old characters open – the developers tend to look forward to the next expansion. However, if there is time for it, subsequent changes are possible.

Of course, this means above all for the representation in WoW (buy now for 14.54 €) a big leap, but will also ensure optical diversity across all Azeroth peoples. After all, the city guards in Orgrimmar also look anything but varied.

Source: wowhead

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