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Civilization 6 is the current part of the popular strategy series, invented by game designer Sid Meier, which is all about building different colorful peoples turns. The task in this turn-based game is to build a civilization, to lead it strategically through different eras and to establish its economic, cultural or military power. Each people has different strengths and weaknesses as well as a central leader. In the new DLC there are now two more civilizations, the Byzantine and the Gallic Empire.

The Fraxis developer studio already gives a little insight into the game content of the expansion in this video.

Fraxis do not want to reveal much information about the two new races yet, except that they should each have an individual leader, further wonders of the world and new units – like the other civilizations. In addition, it is already known that Byzantium will primarily be designed for religious and military conquest, while Gaul is to receive production advantages. The leaders of the respective civilization have not yet been revealed, however, the fans have to be patient here.

In addition, Civ 6 (buy now € 14.24 /€ 53.99 ) in the new DLC another optional game mode called Dramatic Ages. If this is activated, civilizations can enter either a dark or a golden age with each new era. In the former, we face dangers from additional challenges, while the latter offers more rewards. In the Dark Age, it is much harder to increase the loyalty of its citizens and the people rebel much faster than in the Golden. In addition, the two eras enable further political action. This game mode is intended to make the construction of a civilization more varied and also adds the Georgian people from the DLC Rise and Fall new functions added.

Finally, the expansion includes a new map called The Highlands, which, with its mountain ranges and hill regions, offers fresh, strategic opportunities in combat.

The new DLC will be released on September 24, 2020 and forms the third package of the six-part New Frontier Passwhich regularly includes new game content such as additional races and game modes. However, the extension will also be available separately. Like the base game, the DLC is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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