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Firaxis Games has released the first DLC of the "New Frontier Pass" for the strategy game Civilization 6. It is the "Mayan and Greater Colombia Package", in which the two peoples mentioned await you as new playable factions. There is also a video to go with it.

The development studio Firaxis Games kept its word and released the "Mayan and Greater Colombia Package", the first DLC of the "New Frontier" Pass for Civilization 6. As the name suggests, the two races mentioned above await you as new playable factions with their individual leaders, units and skills. Five further download extensions are to follow every two months by March 2021. You will find a suitable trailer below this message. Here is an overview of all the important details about the "New Frontier Pass":

All contents of the "New Frontier Pass" for Civ 6 in key points:

  • The Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass will be available for $ 39.99 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. Mobile platforms follow.
  • It includes six DLC packages, each of which can be purchased individually or by purchasing the New Frontier Pass once.
  • The first DLC package – the Mayan and Greater Colombia package – will be released on May 21. It contains leaders, buildings and units of the two civilizations, a new apocalypse game mode, new city-states, resources and natural wonders.
  • Anyone who purchases the full New Frontier Pass will receive the Teddy Roosevelt and Katharina von Medici packages as exclusive bonuses. Each of the two packages contains a popular head of state in a completely new guise, with a new leader model and background, new game bonuses and an agenda adapted and revised to the changed leader personality. Both packages appear simultaneously with the second DLC package in July.
  • As part of the content outlook, Firaxis will release additional free updates between the bi-monthly DLC packages. These will include new maps, scenarios, balance adjustments, and more.

Source: Firaxis Games

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