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After a lot of guesswork about the class-tier sets in WoW: Shadowlands, there is finally certainty! Ion Hazzikostas, Game Director of World of Warcraft, confirmed in an interview that the T-Sets will return to the game in Patch 9.2.

Class tier sets have always been a hot topic in World of Warcraft. In Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard’s developers replaced the iconic armor sets with clothes, the look of which thematically matched the respective raid instance. A few days ago we had in this article puzzles over whether and when the T-Sets and bonuses will return to the game. But so far there has been no trace of the T-Sets in Shadowlands.

T-sets are returning with patch 9.2

Now there is good news! Because, according to Ion Hazzikostas, the popular T-sets will return in their usual form in patch 9.2. At least one moderator confirms that on Icy Veins. In the original message from Stan it says:

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas confirmed that Tier sets will be returning in Patch 9.2!

In Preach’s interview, Ion said “Tier sets will be returning in our next adventure”, which likely refers to Patch 9.2. Blizzard removed Class / Tier sets in Battle for Azeroth when they said they want to focus on providing players with raid-themed armor instead of class armor. As a result, 12 class sets have been reduced to just 4 sets based on your armor type.

Tier Sets are a hot topic in the community and Blizzard confirmed in the past they wouldn’t be coming at Shadowlands launch or in Chains of Domination. Finally, we learned that they will be back in 9.2!

This important point was probably lost in the great deluge of information.

And the T bonuses?

There is no information yet about the bonuses of the future tier sets. Sure, it will be a few more months before Patch 9.2 starts! However, we had already speculated in our special about what the bonuses of the Shadowlands T-Sets might look like. The fact that the T-Set bonuses will strengthen the pact skills is probably off the table for the time being. Take on this task in patch 9.1 the new pact-specific Legendarys. That doesn’t mean the new T-armor bonuses will be bland and monotonous, however. Finally, with Blcik on the classes, there are many other areas that the developers can make exciting. For example, special armor sets with bonuses that offer our heroes special advantages in raids, dungeons or PvP.

What do you think of this news? Are you looking forward to the return of the T-Sets or did you not miss the armor at all?

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