Number 149 of the MMORE is ready and will be on the shelves of the magazine dealer of your trust from June 17, 2020 – a few days earlier even in the mailboxes of our loyal subscribers! In this issue, we offer you two big hits this time, namely our topic of the month on the chances of Classic Burning Crusade, and on the other hand extensive information on all classes, crafts, transmogrification and the new lowbie starting area in WoW: Shadowlands. Especially the heroes of you who already want to know where the new journey in the shadow lands is going with regard to your playing styles should definitely take a look!

We'll give you an overview of how you can spend your WoW time until the release of Shadowlands in tasks for small and big adventurers, we highlight some of the most curious bans in WoW history and explain the history of the in detail impressive ex-prince of the blood elves – Kael'thas sun wanderers! You can find some of the highlights from the magazine below.

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Some highlights of the MMORE 07/2020

MMORE 07/2020: Classic Burning Crusade has to come! And more! (1) (Source: buffed)

Our news from the editorial team: Emotional chaos!
Such a roller coaster of emotions … BlizzCon has been canceled for this year! But you don't have to blow tribulation, dear fans of the well-groomed MMO art from Blizzard. Because the biggest issue in the last issue, and the alleged BlizzCon bang announcement, went into this task in April of this year due to the alpha accessibility of the Shadow Lands: Burning Crusade Classic! Of course, we don't dedicate so many pages to the possible new edition of Outland. The makers of World of Warcraft have even fueled speculation around the Outlands. How they did it, why many players can look forward to exploring Outland again and how the Devs could do it can be found by reading our huge topic of the month! And of course we want to know from you right now: Would you give a classic Burning Crusade a chance or are you not interested in the beans, since the Outland can currently be explored in its original beauty on the live servers anyway? Please send us your opinion to our well-known email addresses or; we are super excited! Of course you can also send us praise and criticism, also by post! Greetings to our hardworking and loyal fan, who contacted us in May in the "old-fashioned" way – we were very happy!

Greet the shadow lands!
In the second week of June, a lot of new adventures are expected on the alpha server of the next expansion – unfortunately a bit late for us, because by then we have already given the data for this issue to the printer. It doesn't matter, the next edition in July will definitely offer you information from Ardenwald and Maldraxxus. But that doesn't stop us from giving Shadowlands a lot of space in this issue, which you hold in your hands. We have sent out our class experts to give you a first look at the upcoming changes in specializations. For this purpose, we dealt in more detail with news about the craft system and transmogrification, as well as chasing Matze through the new starting area The Exile! It's a whole bunch of information. Too bad that BlizzCon 2020 had to be canceled due to the pandemic restrictions. No reason to mourn for a long time. We have information about WoW and Co.! You can find the hottest and most exciting information in our magazine and on our website!

As always, we hope you enjoy reading this edition of PC Games MMORE and of course good loot!