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About 20 years ago, actor Clint Eastwood was talking about the role of Bruce Wayne in a Batman film adaptation. However, someone else was planned for the Dark Knight part.

Around 20 years ago there were plans to make a real film version of the cartoon series Batman Beyond (known here as Batman of the Future). Clint Eastwood was planned for the role of Bruce Wayne.

Batman Beyond as a movie

In Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne is now an older man of around 70 years. After all, the story takes place in 2039. The Dark Knight is retired after a heart attack. Although most of the super villains of yore are now either dead or in prison, the evil continues to exist of course and without the Dark Knight, the city of Neo-Gotham is on the brink of collapse. 16-year-old Terry McGinnis accidentally discovers Bruce Wayne's secret and steals Batman's suit to take revenge on his father's murderers. Bruce Wayne finally lets himself be persuaded, leaving Terry the role of Batman (buy now)take over. So Neo-Gotham gets a new hero.

In an interview, producer Paul Dini revealed that a filming of this cartoon was planned and was in progress and that Clint Eastwood could have taken on the role of Bruce Wayne. The project was discontinued during the planning phase, however, as the Warner Bros. film studio had not yet recovered from the "Batman & Robin" fiasco. It wasn't until five years later that Batman Begins ventured back into the fabric.

Source: Latino Review

Also popular with PC game readers There is first information about the alleged story of The Batman.

The Batman: Apparently first details of the story known

First information about the story of the new Batman film with Robert Pattinson in the leading role has apparently appeared. Steven Seagal could have played Batman in 1989.

Batman: Steven Seagal was a candidate for the role of the Dark Knight

In the 1980s, Steven Seagal was a candidate for the Batman role. Batman: The Animated Series gets a tabletop implementation.

Batman: The Animated Series – Cartoon comes as a board game

Attention fans of the 90s cartoon series: The cartoon adventure around the iconic bat man will soon also appear as a tabletop!

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