In the summer of last year, Turn 10 announced the next offshoot of the racing simulation for PC and Xbox Series X / S with Forza Motorsport. In addition to a short trailer, the makers have so far only revealed a few details about the game. The release is also still unknown. Now the team would like to let the first fans out on the track. Forza Motorsport’s closed testing phase is about to begin. Interested players can now register for it.

In detail, fans apply for the panel of the Turn 10 Feedback-Programms. If you meet the requirements and are ready to help the team develop the racing simulation, you may soon be able to do your first laps in Forza Motorsport. According to Turn 10, all participants on the panel also get access to the game. However, the creators have not revealed how many fans are wanted for the program. But there won’t be too many players at first. Note that this is not a classic closed beta.

Creative Director Chris Esaki revealed in the current issue of Forza Monthly that there are already weekly test phases for the simulation internally. On the website Microsoft lists Forza Motorsport for Windows 10 and Xbox Series X / S. So it looks like this will be a real next-gen title. In addition to 4K and 60 FPS, the game will also use ray tracing. Forza Motorsport will also be available in the Xbox Game Pass at the time of release.

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