Hundreds of fans cheer for esports players who are currently fighting each other in a kind of MMO mass battle. An orc storms into the ranks of humans, but then his alter ego is thrown to the ground by his opponent. The young actor looks disappointed at his screen. Now only a well-chilled soft drink from the Coca Cola brand will help.

The player’s refreshment is also carried over to his orc character, who is ready for battle again. Instead of slaughtering through the masses of enemies, he recognizes all the wounded on both sides with a glance over the battlefield and throws his weapon on the ground as a sign of peace. Spectators all over the world are shocked and those present in the arena are in tears. “They put down their weapons!” The parties make peace, a new day begins.

The message: We are only a coke away from each other (or from peace?).

The 1: 1 commercial uses some excerpts from the BfA cinematic from World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 €). In the following you can see the mentioned Coca-Cola advertisement, the BfA video and where the scenes overlap.

WoW: Battle for Azeroth: Der Cinematic-Trailer – Sylvanas gegen Anduin

The stolen scenes from the Coca-Cola commercial

One can argue that the orc is already very similar to a certain Mag’har orc, that one has oriented itself to Horde versus Alliance from WoW or that the magician reminds of Medivh at the end of the ad. But you could overlook that if the following scenes were not reenacted 1: 1.

WoW Cinematic Coca-Cola-Spot
WoW-Cinematic Coca-Cola-Spot

Due to the proximity to the WoW cinematic and certainly also the display of streaming and esports in connection with a sugary drink, the drink manufacturer’s spot has a like-dislike ratio of 1 to 9.


Coincidence or Code?
Where did Coca Cola get the idea for the game recordings? Why did the BfA trailer of all things be used as a template? The only connection we can make is that Blizzard’s CEO Bobby Kotick also happens to be on the Coca Cola board of directors. Perhaps the beverage maker approached the gaming company’s CEO for inspiration. Who knows?

Do you think the Coca Cola spot is also “Cringe”? We look forward to your opinion in the comments.

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