Call of Duty: Warzone season two is now online and downloadable. But be careful. It is possible that this content will push your console to its limits. You can find out what you can do about it at GIGA.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Season 2 is pretty big

Call of Duty is now in its second season. Both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have thus been enhanced with new gameplay experiences as the hunt for Perseus and the fate of Verdansk continue to escalate.

However, new content means a download and it has it all:

Black Ops Cold War update sizes

  • PlayStation 5: 18.0 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 10.5 GB
  • Xbox Series X / S: 26.5 GB
  • Xbox One: 15.3 GB
  • PC: 13.7 GB

Warzone update sizes

  • PlayStation 5: 17.0 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 17.0 GB
  • Xbox One Series X / S: 17.9 GB
  • Xbox One: 17.9 GB
  • PC: 16.9 GB (Warzone only) / 20.8 GB (Warzone and Modern Warfare)

New content for Call of Duty – this awaits you in Season 2:

Like the page Eurogamer reported, it comes on some consoles already to space problems. Around 100 GB of free space must be available to download the update. But even after deleting other games, it can especially tight with PS4 players. On the official website of Activision is it[called:

"Those who have a standard PlayStation 4 with a standard 500GB hard drive may need to make room if they have the full versions of Modern Warfare / Warzone and Black Ops Cold War installed with all modes and packs."

We help you to keep track of the weapons:

Not enough space on PS4: you can do that

That doesn't sound too good, but at least Activision has a suggested solution: If you have to free up space on your hard drive, we recommend that you delete some unused content from the CoD games in order to be able to download and install the patch successfully. This could include the zombie mode or modes that you haven't touched in ages.

That's how it's done:

Black Ops Cold War: Press R3 in the main menu to go to "File Management". There you can delete all content that you may not have played in a while.

Modern Warfare / Warzone: Press Options in the main menu, select the “General” tab and scroll down until you get to “Game installations”. From here you can delete all content that you haven't played for a while.

Regardless of which platform you are playing on, remember that the Warzone download is not necessary if you only want to play Black Ops Cold War and vice versa. You can also uninstall / remove other data packages if they are no longer needed.

More memory and faster loading times – changing the PS4 storage medium is also an option. We show you how to do this in the video:

Season 2 shows the extent of the CoD series so far. How Activision intends to handle the storage space problem on the old consoles in the future remains to be seen.

  • By the way. You can buy all CoD games conveniently on the PlayStation Store.

Call of Duty on PlayStation Store

How are you all doing? Was it possible for you to download your update without any problems, or did you also struggle with the space? Feel free to visit us on Facebook and tell us in the comments.