Halloween has been over for a week, in In Call of Duty: Vanguard, the zombies are still up to mischief in the corresponding mode. No wonder, after all, the latest offshoot of the shooter series appeared just two days ago. If you ask the fans, the undead should have stayed underground.

Because the zombie mode lacks a massive amount of content. Both on Reddit as well as on Twitter Numerous players complain about the sloppy implementation and warn potential buyers about the mode. Our tester Michael also criticized in his Vanguard-Review already that “In addition to the content, there are also many classic aspects” miss.

Where does the displeasure about the zombie mode in Call of Duty: Vanguard come from?

But where does the dissatisfaction come from and what exactly is the mode lacking? Reddit user TVC2389 has taken the trouble to list all the missing features and the long list looks deep. There are no more turn-based maps, no more split screens, no Easter eggs and no skill trees for ammunition mods and weapon classes.

Also with the perks and the field upgrades you are not only appalled by the small number, but also by the fact that there are no new ones. In addition, and there is probably the greatest misunderstanding about this, you cannot pause the game – not even when you are playing offline and alone. developer Treyarch Studios has already promised to deliver this “feature”, but fans are shaking their heads anyway.

You can find the complete list in the corresponding Reddit-Thread. YouTuber and streamer Mr. RoflWaffles alias Milo also saw himself in a short Gameplay excerpt already faced with several problems. Because of the high amount of gun smoke he could hardly see what he was shooting at, the zombies’ AI reacted slowly or not at all and the lack of variance in targets also caused displeasure.

Those: Reddit / Twitter

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