The start of the new season in the online shooter Call of Duty: Warzone has brought a problem. This makes the players invulnerable.

A nasty bug bothers the fans of CoD: Warzone

Reddit user tenXeXo shows the bug in a video. He "slips" under a wall and becomes invulnerable in this way. Other players can no longer harm it. But he can still shoot his enemies himself. That's pretty nasty and a big problem for fair play in Battle Royale. The bug can be reproduced, which is very damaging to the games in the game. Allegedly, this glitch only came into play with Season 2. But other fans of CoD: Warzone agree (buy now € 8.90 ) not to. According to them, the problem existed before the current season.

The developers now have to hurry and publish a patch as soon as possible to remove this bug. Because as long as he is in the game, no player is safe anymore. If you are suddenly killed in CoD: Warzone and you have no idea why, then this could be due to this glitch. You just have to be extremely careful at the moment and hope that the bug doesn't appear all the time and that not everyone else knows about it.

It is not yet clear when a patch will come. However, those who exploit the bug could face consequences. Quite a few players have already been banned for behaving unfairly towards others. And taking advantage of such a glitch for your own benefit is definitely unfair. Hopefully the developers will respond quickly with a patch.

Source: Reddit via GamePro

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