It’s no secret that streamer Dr Disrespect is having some issues with Call of Duty: Warzone. From stream snipers and the maps, to some of the game’s fundamentals, he didn’t criticize much about Warzone. Also in March of this year, he claimed that the developers of the title were simply ignoring any problems. He has also begged other developers to release a new Battle Royale so that he no longer has to play Call of Duty: Warzone. However, one specific problem stands out for the streamer.

The “worst mistake” for Dr Disrespect is the field equipment dead silence. This perk alone has caused some rage quits for the streamer in the past few months. Especially when playing solo, which the streamer also strongly criticized, the dead silence upset the Doc so much that he breaks out in ranting tirades.

During one of these outbreaks on July 7th, Dr Disrespect has now stated that he has this Want to fix the problem myself:

“I’m going to explain to them exactly how to fix the game,” the streamer explained after dying very early in a solo game on his Turbo Tuesday stream.

“Believe me, on a creative level, Raven Software isn’t even close to the Champions Club. We’re on a whole different level. I could easily fix the game.”

Dr Disrespect claims that if he just got “a big meeting” with “a whiteboard” he could fix the game’s biggest problems today.

“They don’t know what they’re doing and they gave up. It just takes a few small changes that are very easy to implement. Nobody wants dead silence in this game, that would be the first thing I would write on the whiteboard. Me would make them millions, the title would return. “

His “rant” then became through the His phone rings interrupted. It was none other than a Raven Software “Administrative Assistant” on the other end of his joke phone. The assistant wanted to set up a meeting with an “audio guy”, but Dr Disrespect was not at all satisfied with it. Instead he replied to call him again when they got the “studio head” there.

Whether Dr Disrespect will get a meeting with the developers of Warzone at some point is currently not all that likely. However, he is absolutely convinced that a single conversation can solve the title’s biggest problems.

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