The prize money at the recently concluded Call of Duty: Warzone tournament in Toronto, Canada was $ 100,000. As usual, the tournament took place in the popular kill race format, in which players try to get as many kills as possible in different lobbies within a certain period of time. In retrospect, numerous professional players got upset about the format and complained about the lack of balance. Just recently the free battle royale first person shooter started its fourth season.

Professional players don’t feel like the format anymore

Especially on Twitter many of the well-known Call of Duty pro players vented their anger immediately after the tournament. The most common accusation: The kill race format is purely a matter of luck. The teams, consisting of three players, had a total of four hours to achieve the best possible results for their KDA ratio, i.e. the ratio of kills to their own deaths. Because professional players don’t necessarily end up in lobbies with other pros, all teams chase after the simplest lobbies.

Many of the professional players found the system far from funny. Aydan tweeted “100,000 for getting the worst lobbies,” followed by that sarcastic Comment: “Time-limited kill races are ONLY dependent on ability.” He wrote that he had no idea why this format was used at all noch nutze. “Whoever makes it into the shitty lobbies gets paid more than $ 10,000 each.”

Others shared his opinion. Bobby Poff tweeted, “Time-limited kill races should be canceled forever.” Then he struck Top-Spieler Rated before: “How about we disregard the money & boycott all invites for kill races & encourage organizers to use 2v2 / custom instead [Lobbys] Boycott seems to be an option for many players, too TeeP do not want to take part in kill races in the future. It remains to be seen whether organizers will comply with these requirements for future tournaments.

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