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Warzone, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's new Battle Royale mode, is incredibly popular. Over 50 million players are said to have plunged into the struggle for survival in the first month. With so many online enthusiasts, it is not surprising that numerous cheaters have also downloaded and installed the Free2Play title. However, those responsible at Infinity Ward made it clear that they are pursuing a zero-tolerance policy towards the cheaters: over 70,000 spell sentences have already been pronounced worldwide.

Call of Duty: Warzone goes off like Schmidt's cat. Have already within a month 50 million players the new, free Battle Royale mode from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tried out. But as much fun as the struggle for survival is so many shooter fans, the cheaters, which plunge into combat with aimbots, wallhacks and other unfair aids, are sometimes very annoying. And precisely because you can download and install the Warzone mode, which is designed exclusively for multiplayer, free of charge, the hurdle for cheaters is very small.

Already at the end of March, those responsible at Infinity Ward made one official developer blog post it is clear that they have a zero tolerance policy towards cheaters. There are several programs in use to combat cheaters and cheat providers. Security teams observe and examine the data collected around the clock to uncover potential violations of the usage agreements. The teams look specifically for all currently known cheats and hacks.

In addition, work is ongoing to improve the in-game system, through which potential cheaters can be reported, and its user interface. All incoming reports are then analyzed and filtered. Once an investigation has been completed, punishment will be given as soon as possible. Accounts that are guilty of using the cheat or attempting to hack are permanently banned. Temporary penalties should only be given for minor violations such as unsporting behavior.

A tweet from Infinity Ward shows that all of these measures are bearing fruit. With this, the developers announce that 70,000 spell penalties have already been pronounced worldwide. Such water level reports should be issued regularly in the future.

The big question now is how effective these penalties are. Apparently the ban is not IP-based, so the cheater can easily create a new account thanks to Free2Play access. What do you think of the measures? And are you currently having fun with Warzone?

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