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Publisher Take-Two will not present a new offer to take over Codemasters and is officially withdrawing from negotiations. In November last year, the company put $ 980 million on the table for the takeover. A month later, Take-Two was outbid by publisher EA. Here you want to pay 1.2 billion for Codemasters. The deal was accepted shortly afterwards and initially put Take-Two out of the running. With the exit from negotiations, nothing stands in the way of a takeover of Codemasters by EA.

Those responsible at EA now hope that the deal will be completed in the coming months. Thanks to Codemasters, the portfolio of racing games at EA has been significantly expanded again. The British studio has been known for several titles in this genre for years. Current games include DiRT 5, F1 2020 or Grid.

After the takeover, Codemasters and Criterion would work under one roof. Criterion has been part of EA since 2004 and was responsible for racing games such as Need for Speed ​​and Burnout. How much Publisher EA will interfere in the development of projects at Codemasters in the future, we will probably only find out in the future. This week it was also announced that EA is likely to lose its exclusive license for Star Wars. The Lucasfilm Games and Ubisoft teams have announced a new open world project.

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