Cold War – Player faces the toughest challenge

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a shooter by definition, but as one gamer proves, killing is not even necessary to climb the ranks. It just takes a little longer.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty is not actually a series where a pacifist style of play is successful. A player refutes this assumption and reaches the prestige ranks in Black Ops Cold War without a single player on their conscience.

"Shoot to Kill"

Much of the experience it takes to reach a high rank comes from killing opposing players. While there are in Black Ops too other ways to gain experience points, the kills are much more productive. In addition, the majority of the challenges cannot be completed if the killing of opponents is no longer necessary.

Whole 37 hours needed players and Reddit users Pilgore1 to reach Prestige 1:

A pacifist with a plan

He made it through Modes whose victory condition is the taking of objectives. Conquering a flag also brings experience and without any blast. An additional source of experience was that Kills enemy scorestreaks. He used the game's machine guns to bring down the other team's spy planes and helicopters.

In addition to the impressive patience it takes to play a shooter for 37 hours and only shoot in the air, Pilgore1 even has one positive ratio of wins to losses reachable. He won 102 times and lost only 83 matches. When asked why he was doing this, he only replied that he would just enjoy it.

Thanks to the perks "Technician" and "Cold blooded" he was able to spot opposing scorestreaks quickly and at the same time was not caught by them as a target.

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It's probably quite a challenge to play Cold War so successfully without kills, however everyone can enjoy the game in their own way. As a team member, very few people are likely to complain about someone who strives to take goals and eliminate opposing scorestreaks.

Whether he now passes as a pacifist is probably a question for the NPC families of airplane and helicopter pilots.