Call of Duty's Zombie Mode secrets and Easter eggs are a legacy of the series. In Black Ops Cold War, almost all players, but so far missed it, have a problem that the developers want to solve.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

In addition to the actual gameplay, the small and big secrets are the most important thing about the zombie mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. As in the previous games, players are looking for an “Easter Egg”. But apparently only very few reach the goal, which the developers now want to change.

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The top 2 percent

In one Interview with IGN India explained the creative director of Treyarch Corky Lehmkuhl the problem. See according to the studio's statistics not even 2 percent the player can see the Easter Eggs. Treyarch wants to change that, because they put a lot of work into the Easter Eggs and that's just not worth it.

Also are the Easter Eggs more than funny side notes, they are used to tell or enrich the story of the zombie mode. Apparently the secrets were too well hidden or the players weren't good enough to take the necessary steps. According to Lehmkuhl, Treyarch does not want players to only be able to watch what they have come up with on YouTube.

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Olaf Fries02/25/2021

That is why some of the Easter Eggs in Season 2 of Cold War are more linked to the specific tasks of the playerswho are waiting for them in zombie mode. However, the studio does not refrain from hiding other obscure secrets on the maps. The hunt for the Easter Eggs finally makes one of the charms of facing the undead hordes.

The zombie theme takes on a new dimension in Cold War and with it Warzone. The Halloween event in Verdansk made the player a lot of fun and the outbreak event, which runs until March 11th, is a successful change. The zombie mode will likely continue to occupy an important position in the Call of Duty franchise in the future.