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Command & Conquer's video sequences will receive many visual improvements in the upcoming new edition. In a video, the creators have now shown the first material what fans can expect from the remaster. The frame rate of the sequences has also been increased. Producer Jim Vessella also tells in the video about the long search for the 20-year-old tapes of the original.

The teams from Electronic Arts and Petroglyph Games have released new material for the upcoming Command & Conquer remaster. The focus is on the video sequences of the original, which were then presented with real actors. In painstaking work, the creators have significantly improved the quality of these scenes with AI technology. Fans can get a first taste in the current YouTube video. The revised material starts at 11 minutes and 20 seconds.

Thanks to the improvement, the videos no longer look as blocky. The frame rate has also been increased from 15 FPS to 30 FPS. Before the team could start remastering the FMVs, the video tapes had to be found. Producer Jim Vessella tells you the complete story behind the 20-year-old tapes from C&C in the published YouTube video.

In addition to the sequences from the games, behind-the-scenes footage with a length of over four hours was found that no one has seen before. The developers will make this bonus available in a new gallery, which grows with each mission completed. Just a few months ago, it was announced that EVA voice Kia Huntzinger will return for the new Command & Conquer edition. However, those responsible for Electronic Arts and Petroglyph Games have not yet released a release.

Command and Conquer Remaster: teaser trailer with first game scenes

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Command & Conquer Remaster: First teaser trailer with gameplay scenes is here

The first teaser trailer for the Command and Conquer Remaster is here! The video shows the first game scenes and the improved graphics.