Common Fallout 76 NPCs steal your best weapons when you die

This is not okay, Fallout 76 NPCs.

In Fallout 76, the friendship ends when it comes to expensive, long-crafted and bolted-together weapons. But who could blame the new NPCs from the Wasterlanders update? They may sadistically abuse your corpses and steal your best weapons, but actually they only do what the wasteland has taught them: there is no room for grief, instead the leftovers are used in the best possible way.

What they may not know, after all, they are only NPCs: If you die in a fight, you can of course respawn in the world immediately and don't lose any items, actually. Uh. However, some stolen weapons have actually disappeared forever if they fall into the hands of an immortal NPC.

It's not nice, you Badlands NPCs. And in fact it is also a bug, who is currently driving some fans of the game half mad, especially in the endgame, some powerful weapons are no longer easily replaceable. YouTuber DanĂ­ Garcia recorded one of these serious thefts in the video:

In the official Fallout 76 Reddit Forum meanwhile Bethesda has reported, and wants to examine the bug in the near future and – hopefully – fix it. Until then, you should keep a close eye on your NPC companions if you go on missions with them. Or you can leave your best weapons with ammunition in the camp, just in case.

Gun greed is written on some people's faces:

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