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The Team Fortress 2 community has brought a bot into the shooter that is exclusively on the hunt for cheaters. Other human players are not attacked by the bot. But that's still not a perfect solution to the problem, as the fans on the Internet make clear. Valve is also trying to improve.

Team Fortress 2 has been struggling with cheaters for a long time. Even if Valve is still busy with keeping the servers free of scammers, the creators are now getting support from a bot that was created by the community. These are the extermination bots, which are exclusively on the hunt for cheaters and do not attack human players. But the solution is not quite perfect.

Even if the players are satisfied that the Extermination Bot has tackled the problem, there is still a little criticism because the bot itself occupies a place in a game and thus one less slot is available for human players. In addition, other bots should already pretend to be extermination bots in order not to be exposed so quickly. Valve recently restricted the features for free-2-play players, so that bots no longer fill the chat in the shooter with spam, for example. Fans can no longer expect changes that are too big. Only a few employees are still employed with Team Fortress 2.

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