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In WoW Classic, the community of a server plays a much more important role than is currently the case on the realms of WoW: Battle for Azeroth. However, this not only ensures a very special sense of community, but also a lot of dramas. In this regard, Classic actually exudes a real vanilla atmosphere.

Who read my assessments of WoW Classic (or in the last buffedCast who knows that so far I have had the most positive experience with the community on my server. When it comes to Classic's fun factor, that's a war-deciding factor, and in my view, it's a much larger factor than in WoW: Battle for Azeroth.

Because in Classic there is again, the server-internal communities. If a guild or a player misbehaves, then the bush radio quickly passes on this information. In addition, for group and raid searches, trading or questing in certain areas, you always have to search specifically for each other. Anyone who simply dodges communication-free with blinkers will be left behind in Classic and will not experience a lot of content.

Drama like in the best vanilla times

But where many people with different goals, views, wishes and priorities come together again and again, there is not only pure sunshine. Surely many vanilla (or TBC) veterans can remember some human drama on their server, and even in Classic, everyday madness easily competes with the RTL 2 afternoon program – as if nothing has changed in the past 15 years.

Here are just a few examples from the drama category that either happened on my server or reported about the players from other realms:

  • Ninja scooter alarm! If Royson from the Asmon Gold Guild Olympus or Method's Jokerd – There are numerous examples of players who cheated their teammates about the loot.
  • Loot has also felt cheated of loot by many players who were not satisfied with the loot decisions of the raid management or the loot council. With the Blackwing Lair and the loot available there the drama has reached a new level. I could read over and over again that players left the raid or the guild because a piece of loot did not end up in their pocket. Recently the Method player Payo even got a 3-day ban received because he refused to loot another villain. There is also a lot of discussion in mixed groups when an item like that Dragonfang Talisman drops – as the following stream shows (from 1:40:51):
  • The "Loot Council" system in particular is criticized by many players because they have had to experience that members of the Council repeatedly gave themselves or good buddies the best items and thus neither a fair nor the most sensible distribution for the raid was guaranteed .
  • In general, the numerous classic streamers are always good for emotional dramas. First of all, of course, we have to call Asmongold here, that so often at the center of the dramaturgy (thanks to a Small war with the Streamer Advertise) that he will eventually take a streaming break had to.
  • On some servers, the world bosses are spawned by few guilds spawn by spawn. There are said to have been some agreements between these guilds. Other communities that could first pull Azuregos or Kazzak are said to have been deliberately disrupted – one Example from the official forum.
  • Particularly ambitious guilds are already targeting players from other raids in order to poach them, partly with loot promises, partly by specifically addressing critical points ("with us it would not happen that loot X goes to class Y and you into the Tube looks "https://www.buffed.de/" do you really like that you are busy with consumables and others in your raid do not? ") And lure with a better situation for the player (I myself have been so far targeted twice). The departures of some good players are said to have some classic raids on their consciences.
  • Organizing a classic guild with a 40+ player raid is likely currently the most difficult challenge in Classic his. Many an officer or guild / raid leader has already vacated his position or even completely abandoned Classic because some egos have worn him down for weeks and months. That too can quickly mean the premature end of a guild.
  • Several players reported that they eventually partnered with another community to intercept the loss of players on both sides in one fell swoop. Sometimes it went well, but sometimes it should have backfired and the merger ended in a coup and the fall of the guild leadership or in a separation with a lot of bad blood.
  • For a lot Drama on the PvP servers has ensured the introduction of the honor system. What was going on in Azeroth was not only extremely frustrating for many players, this time also had a noticeable negative impact on the community balance on the affected servers. These servers still suffer from the one-sided faction balance.

There are certainly other examples. In the official WoW forum there has even been a thread with the name for a few days Business studies and guild dramasin which the community discussed similar incidents. It's really sad that nothing has changed in the minds of the players in 15 years, has it? Which dramas have you experienced up close in Classic so far? Let us know in the comments!

WoW Classic: Attack on the Blackwing Lair – Trailer

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