Community expresses criticism of the new boss

of Andreas Bertits
It was only announced a few hours ago that Rob Fergusson is taking over management of the Diablo brand at Blizzard. But not everyone seems to like this, because some criticism has already been voiced.

Rob Fergusson was responsible for the Gears of War series, among others, and has now announced that he will switch to Blizzard. There he takes over the management of the "Diablo" brand. But this is already met with some criticism.

Get Diablo 4 too many microtransactions?

The criticism stems from the fact that Rob Fergusson is accused of "ruining" the Gears of War series with too many microtransactions. Now there is fear that this could also happen at Diablo. Did Blizzard hire Rob Fergusson to take care of the microtransactions in the Action RPG series? It is interesting that he is not directly for Diablo 4 is responsible, but for the entire series and that of course also includes the mobile game Diablo Immortal.

After the debacle surrounding Warcraft 3: Reforged, the situation around Hearthstone player "Blitzchung" and the wave of redundancies last year, Blizzard can no longer afford to be stuck. Annoying microtransactions in Diablo Immortal and Diablo 4 would certainly not be accepted by the players.

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