A new WW2 shooter is now conquering the next-gen consoles. The developers have already proven in the past that they understand their craft. Do Call of Duty and Battlefield have to worry about the new free first person shooter?

Call of Duty

Enlisted: New free shooter for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC

The minds behind the free-to-play hit War Thunder have a new horse in the stable. With Enlisted, the developers are now trying to shake up the market for first-person shooters and are again offering their latest work for free. The next-gen shooter can be played on the Xbox Series X / S, the PlayStation 5 and on the PC. What to expect in the WW2 shooter can be found in the launch trailer:

On the large battlefields of Enlisted you can either do your part as an infantryman, a tank commander or a pilot to make your team successful. Move alongside other real players also AI-controlled soldiers on the battlefield to give orders to. Over time, your squad will improve and can be equipped with new equipment and weapons.

The Battle for Moscow and the Invasion of Normandy are available to play as campaigns at the start – in the course of the next few months the battles for Berlin and the Tunisian campaign will find their way into the game.

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Competition for CoD and Battlefield: Can Enlisted stand up to the shooter classics?

Shortly after the start of the new next-gen shooter, it is not yet possible to precisely estimate how the game will be received by the fans. First videos on YouTube show, however, that the gameplay apparently cuts a big slice of the genre greats Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Large battlefields, fast and uncomplicated shooter action and quite decent graphics – the ingredients of Enlisted are quite promising. How the integration of well-known free-to-play mechanics will affect gameplay over time remains to be seen, however. Potential pay-to-win aspects are likely to go against the grain for many players.

Some F2P games really overdo it. You’d rather avoid these 10 representatives:

What do you think of the new WW2 shooter Enlisted? Are you going to give the War Thunder developers’ free-to-play game a chance? Or, in many cases, can you only gain little from free games? Discuss with us in the comments on Facebook.