The Last of Us 2 complete solution with tips for combat, all infected people, weapon locations, locations for items, raw materials, talent books for new skills and more. In our solution we provide you with all the important aids for the tough end-time adventure of Naughty Dog. We start with general tips and then guide you step by step through the individual areas in the city of Jackson and later also in Seattle. Later you will have to deal with different types of infected people. We'll tell you what you can do quickly and safely.

In addition to story scenes and tubular levels, The Last of Us 2 also features more open areas that awaken your urge to explore. You should replenish your supplies of raw materials for crafting or look for ammunition, weapons, extensions or training books as well as collectibles. We provide you with the most important locations for new weapon holsters or skill books. We recommend you on our review of The Last of Us 2 for an assessment of all the strengths and weaknesses of the dystopian adventure of Uncharted developer Naughty Dog.

Note: This The Last of Us Part 2 (buy now) Complete solution contains minimal spoilers that cannot be avoided. However, we refrain from recounting the cut scenes exactly and concentrate on the essentials. For this guide, we went through the end-time adventure on medium difficulty. This solution is still being prepared and will be completed to the bitter end in the coming days.

The Last of Us 2 – Solution: General tips

You play in The Last of Us 2 – with a few exceptions – with Ellie. There are a few important things to keep in mind as you travel around Jackson and Seattle. In addition to our beginner tips for the end-time adventure, we also provide a few general tips for our TLoU 2 complete solution.

Look around

You make medicits yourself if you have found enough raw materials.

You make medicits yourself if you have found enough raw materials.


There are plenty of things to discover in the game off the beaten path. So you should pause and look carefully for crafting materials as well as ammunition or story-relevant things such as notes or diary entries. Sometimes you can find a locked door and just look for an alternative way in the area. One or the other disc also breaks. For safes you will usually find the combinations in the immediate vicinity in notes or on walls.

Looting & crafting

You collect things like alcohol, towels, plastic and more in the levels. You can use it to make medicinal medicine or Molotov cocktails for Ellie. You will later find mines or shock bombs and then receive the crafting recipes. Talent books not only provide new skills for Ellie, but also one or the other recipe for improved medication or smoke bombs. As soon as you have made enough material for an item, a small wrench appears at the bottom right next to the display of your life points. For you the sign that you can produce something in the crafting menu – press the touch pad on the PS4 controller. You should also do this in order not to achieve the maximum of raw materials and to leave important materials behind.

Gun upgrades and holsters

In the game world you will find improvement material for Ellie's weapons. This is represented by small screws and nuts. You collect this resource regardless of cloth, alcohol, plastic or tape. To improve your weapons, you will find workbenches in the game world. There you add improved capacity or stability to the pistol or rifle. In general, you should first – if available – increase the capacity of the weapons in order to ultimately be able to collect more ammunition. Locations of new weapons and additional holsters for further quick slots, we explain to you in the appropriate places of this The Last of Us 2 complete solution.

Talent books & skills

Using the PS4 touchpad and shoulder buttons, you call up the skill menu. Represented here by a capsule. Similar to the resource for upgrading weapons, you also collect pills independently of the crafting stuff. As soon as you have enough of these pills with Ellie, you can unlock a skill. During your forays into The Last of Us 2, Ellie finds talent books in remote locations. These unlock new skill trees. There are more skills or new crafting items and improvements.

Diary & collectibles

Ellie finds background to the story and characters in a lot of notes that are hidden in the game world. Some of the notes also included

Again and again you will find diary entries.

Again and again you will find diary entries.


Notes on hiding places or codes for safes and door locks. So take your time and search your surroundings for notes if you can't find the combination for a safe. Sometimes a diary icon is shown in the area. Ellie then pulls out her booklet and makes a note. As collectibles you will also find superhero cards that are hidden everywhere in the game world – sometimes really nasty. In the chapter selection in the main menu you can see whether you have found all collectibels.


The duels against WLF soldiers or later the Scars are staged thrillingly. Due to the constant shortage of ammunition, it is anything but recommendable to start shooting blindly to the left. Also consider the noise of weapons and the constant overpower of your adversaries. The infected also strike mercilessly if you start too carefree and aggressively. Rather, use cover options, stones or empty bottles to distract or fight. If, for example, an enemy comes to your hiding place, you select the projectile and hurl it at R2 with his head. Now you have time to grab your adversary and silently take them out. We deliver tactics for fighting against the different infected people like runner, clicker, bloater or shambler at the right places in the game.

To sneak

Sneak up on your opponents and kill them silently.

Sneak up on your opponents and kill them silently.


Whether infected, Scars or WLF soldiers, sneaking around in secret is always a good choice. Using the R1 button, Ellie strives for her senses and can locate opponents. You pay attention to movement patterns and determine suitable times for the elimination of the adversary. Sneak up and grab your opponents using the triangle button. You can turn them off by pressing the square. Attention: switching off takes a little while. Be careful not to be seen during this time. Later you also speedily kill opponents with a perk.


In addition to runners and clickers, other types of infected people are waiting for you in The Last of Us 2. They all have different properties and cannot always be ambushed. While clickers are blind, runners can spot you at some distance. Clickers listen very well and when sneaking take care to move the analog stick only very slightly in the direction of movement. Except for the stalker, all infected people can be easily identified by listening to R1. Later it is even possible to rush infected groups of opponents. You use this confusion to flee or to minimize the number of human adversaries.



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