It's bad. It's actually very bad, because not only were some gameplay scenes leaked, no, the entire story about cutscenes and gameplay scenes was posted on the internet, including the ending. Be careful, valued zombie adventurer. Spoiler free.

The spoiler-free time for The Last of Us 2 is over. A Crisis report in The Last of Us 2 Reddit reports on how a huge gameplay leak leaked on YouTube and Discord. The Leaker is, at least according to the Reddit, one former Naughty Dog employeewho was not paid and therefore wanted to harm the company.

Of course we don't know if that's true. But it is clear that Parts of several cut scenes in the game circulate through the internet, including the end. I will get you here do not spoil and don't mention names, but you can in particular on Twitter facts about the story as well as pictures and video scenes dig up if you absolutely want it. Naughty Dog is in the meantime blocking any videos and pictures, but as you know yourself, it will hardly be possible now: The damage has been done.

The Last of Us 2 was originally scheduled to be released on May 29, 2020, but was postponed by Naughty Dog until early April. It remains to be seen whether the leak will force an early release: It would be nice, because in the worst case, fans have to avoid the spoilers for months now.

What we already know about The Last of Us 2 (of course without those spoilers from the leak):

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The Last of Us 2: Everything about setting, story and characters

Original message from April 8th 2020, 9:03 am

The Last of Us 2: pre-orders should be automatically refunded

The road continues down into the abyss, at least for those who were still hoping for a digital release of The Last of Us 2: the game was postponed a while ago due to logistical issues related to the spread of the corona virus; now everyone should digital pre-orders refunded will.

The whole thing was, however neither officially confirmed nor announced – it is instead a popping message on the US support portal from Sonyannouncing refunds for both games. Customers should be informed by email about how or when the money will be repaid.

Have you already received such an email? Until Sony reports, it cannot be said with certainty whether this is possibly just an automatic message in the support center.

Original message from April 7th, 2020, 9:36 a.m.

The Last of Us 2 developer talks about digital release

A digital release, that is what is primarily about Reddit forum from The Last of Us 2 is spoken. A majority of the fans would like to do without the physical version, if they were still able to dive into the game on the actual release date on May 29: As we reported below, the title became due to logistical bottlenecks and possible disruptions postponed indefinitely.

Is a digital release of The Last of Us 2 realistic? In the official PlayStation blogcast Neil Druckmann commented directly on the question of what is now with a digital release – and he did not rule it out:

"Well, there is still no final decision. At the moment we are only reacting – what we are dealing with now is a completely different supply chain. We look at how we could get the physical copies out there and how the internet infrastructure is everywhere. As everyone knows, this is a global game, people are waiting for it in every country and we want to be sure that we are fair. If only a small group of people can access it, what about those who don't get it? ”

Ensuring a global, flawless release during the current exceptional situation may be a feat that even Sony cannot accomplish. In addition, and we should not forget that there are places all over the world where it would not be possible to download such a large game: To stay as fair as possible, The Last of Us 2 would have to digital and physically be available, which – as we saw in Final Fantasy 7 Remake – to asynchronous releases all over the world would lead.

Maybe the decision has already been made: The Last of Us 2 is clammy and has secretly disappeared from the PS Store. So we should be prepared for a longer wait.

Yes: There are other games that you can deal with now:

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The best games with which we can now pass the time at home

Original message from April 3, 8:54 am

The Last of Us 2: Release postponed "until further notice"

As a result of Spread of the corona virus Sony will not release The Last of Us 2 at the end of May, it will postpones the game indefinitely. The publisher has revealed on Twitter:

"Update: Sony Interactive Entertainment made the difficult decision to postpone the release of The Last of Us II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR until further notice. In terms of logistics, the global crisis is preventing us from giving all players the release experience they deserve. ”

This is certainly meant here simultaneous global delivery of the game on release day. As we reported yesterday, Final Fantasy 7 Remake also struggled with delivery disruptions – whereupon FF7 remake appeared 9 days early in Australia.

As a result of the corona virus pandemic: when can we expect the release?

The Last of Us 2 is almost done, adds Naughty Dog in another Twitter post on the subject. The last bugs are being eliminated:

“Also, even if we were able to finish The Last of Us 2 in time, we would have to face a reality in which we couldn't bring TLOU2 to our satisfaction. We want everyone to be able to play the game at the same time to ensure that everyone will have the best gaming experience. After all, that means postponing our game until we can solve the logistical problems."

Everything we know about The Last of Us 2:

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The Last of Us 2: Everything about setting, story and characters

So it’s not about completing the game on time – it’s all about the ability to be able to send it globally and at the same time. It is therefore impossible to estimate a new release date; neither for The Last of Us II nor for Marvel’s Iron Man VR. After all, it is also impossible to predict when the Coronavirus pandemic at least largely survived will be.