Complexity Limit over World First Race, Bosses and Debt

of Karsten Scholz
The people in charge of the website talked to the players of Complexity Limit about the World First Race in Schloss Nathria, the victory over Count Denathrius and much more. In the message we have summarized the most important findings from the interview for you.

The people in charge of the website have contacted the players Atlas, Goop and THD from Complexity Limit to World-First-Race in Nathria Castle, entertain the victory over Count Denathrius and much more. In the following we have the most important findings from the interview summarized.

  • According to THD, the fresh World First victory in Schloss Nathria feels better than the victory at the end of BfA, because the biggest competitor Echo has invested a lot, more than in the Tier levels before, and in the end was still left behind .
  • On the last night of Progress, the Limit players slept particularly little because they were sure they could lay Denathrius before evening. In addition, they had the guild Echo on their necks, which got better and better in the course of the raid and also got along well with Denathrius. Limit, on the other hand, had lost several hours of progress due to maintenance work. It wasn't easy to fall asleep.
  • Because the last few days were so tight (sometimes the guilds were in the same place at the same time with the same boss life points), the players rate the last World First Race as one of the most exciting in the WoW history ever existed.
  • The progress race in the course of major streaming events brings completely new challenges. Limit does not want to miss the stream for most of the day in the future, for example, in order not to show the competition which strategy they want to use to knock Boss X down. That would torpedo the whole event. For short periods of time, however, they see such a streaming break as a justified means to gain a small advantage in the end.
  • The limit members can understand the frustration of EU players with regard to the later ID change. You would prefer a worldwide simultaneous ID launch and even cross-region server connections, but you don't believe that Blizzard will take this step because of the World First Race. However, you are not a fan of offering some kind of tournament server for the World First Race.
  • The fight against Schlickfaust is one of the highlights in Castle Nathria. Not only is the fight great fun on Mythic, it's also perfectly balanced. The guild also liked the portal mechanics at Xy'mox. It was quite different with the generals of the Stone Legion. The umpteen bugs were sometimes funny, but often very frustrating.
  • Denathrius is one of the simpler final bosses in WoW history, but is also one of the funniest and most visually impressive. Top 5 material for one or the other player.
  • Unheilig death knights are extremely strong with the last two bosses in Nathria, and marksmanship hunters and their crazy AoE burst are indispensable with the generals of the Stone Legion.
  • Overall, Schloss Nathria would get an 8 or 9 out of 10 from Limit. The balancing and tuning were really good in many cases, there were few exceptions like the generals. The fights are fun and the anticipation for the upcoming raids is great.
  • Progress over Christmas wouldn't have been a big problem for Limit. When someone at a meeting asked what they would do if Denathrius wasn't defeated by Christmas, one officer replied: Then we'll just raid Christmas. That was the end of the subject.
  • The fact that over 200,000 people watched the streams at times did not have a major impact on the players. During the progress phase, everyone is so focused that you hardly or hardly look at the chat.
  • Limit sees the pacts as a potentially big problem. As soon as Blizzard implements changes that shift the balancing of the packages, they have to make a corresponding change and restart the Anima-Grind. The media are designed quite boringly, only with the finesse and resistance media there are some exciting options. The players are quite happy with the design of the Legendarys.
  • In the week after the World First Kill, several Mythic Runs took place to equip the twinks. In addition, a large number of boost runs for high-level keystones or heroic nathria were organized to get the Debt built up during the Progress phase to pay. After this week alone, Limit was able to repay 50 million gold.

How did you like Nathria Castle? How far has your raid come so far? Let us know in the comments!

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