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That the race for the Mythic-Firstkills of a raid is not only time-consuming, but also extremely costly, that the Progress-Guilds have shown in the past. Veyloris, Treasurer of Complexity Limit, reveals how much gold the guild has amassed in Mythic Nathria this time – around 30 percent more than in Mythic Ny'alotha.

If you wanted to put a price stamp on the World First Race in Schloss Nathria WoW, it would be a little more than $ 57,000. Or the WoW gold equivalent: 331 million gold. This is what Veyloris, the treasurer of Complexity Limit, did in an attempt to keep track of the costs and debts that the members of the top US guild have amassed. Veyloris first came up with around 277 million gold, until he was advised by Paladin Tagzz that he in turn had not reported some expenses. This is how it finally comes to the 331 million gold.

These expenses mainly come about through the purchase of epics, which are only tied to the character when they are created, and which are more and more decisive for the war in the World First Race in order to give the Progress players a bit more advantage over other raid teams .

Schlickfaust, the eighth boss in Castle Nathria, was, according to Veyloris, the most expensive boss for Complexity Limit. Around 104 million gold changed hands in just over 24 hours. The guild players have spent 104.38 hours in the raid since accessing the mythical mode of Castle Nathria, the race itself was active for 207 hours – in other words: The raiders from Complexity Limit spent around half of almost nine days in Nathria.

Other fun facts from Veyloris include the cost of a raid hour, if you adjust the costs for BoEs: the Progress devours an average of 2.75 million gold per hour. Around 699 meals were fed by the raid. The win: Among other things, prestige and this chic and impressive video of Count Denathrius' World First Kill.

Again: Congratulations, Complexity Limit!

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