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For a long time, the now closed developer studio Visceral Games worked on a Star Wars game. According to composer Kevin Kiner, the game was difficult to cope with.

Kevin Kiner worked for Visceral Games on the StarwarsGame produced by Amy Hennig. Hennig had previously made a name for herself through her work on the Uncharted series. According to Kevin Kiner, it was a very exciting project, the end result of which was heartbreaking.

Music that we will never hear

"You spent a lot of money on it," said Kiner in an interview. "I worked with Amy Hennig who did Uncharted. It was a great honor that she hired me. We went to Nashville and recorded with a great orchestra there, about an hour of music. Then they got the game finished. But not because of the music! "

The Star Wars game, which was developed under the project name "Project Ragtag", was a single-player action adventure, but was discontinued in 2017, although it was said to be very far under development.

Kevin Kiner also said: "There were a few pieces of music that I consider to be some of the best things we have ever written for Star Wars. Now they are literally stuck somewhere in a camp and are never used. I told a friend it It's like John and Paul and George and Ringo just finished "Yesterday" and someone takes the tape and says, "So guys, that's it" and put it in the basement forever. It broke my heart, because there are some really good scenes that will never see the light of day. After that, I was very, very depressed for about six months. "

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