Comprehensive patch notes for Update 9 and the exact download date

The big update 9 for Anno 1800 is imminent: The new patch will be released together with the Land of the Lions DLC on October 22nd. A specific time has now been set for activation: The content appears at 6 p.m. A 4.2 gigabyte download is required for the patch. The developers present the patch notes in a detailed blog entry – the list of changes and innovations is extensive. Unlike in the previous updates, the developers decided in Patch 9 not to concentrate on a single feature, but to add several convenience functions.

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The changes are intended to save "unnecessary clicks" when building your own empire. With update 9 for Anno 1800 you can, for example, select a destination island when you send a ship to another, already discovered session. Furthermore, all five slots for building materials in the upper menu bar can be freely assigned with five goods of your choice. The selection is separate for each island. In the statistics menu, after the update has been downloaded, you have the option of selecting several islands at once.

The highlights in the new patch also include adjustments by specialists. In future, they can be accepted or rejected directly via the notification of their arrival and no longer at the visitor port. "In addition, you have the option of activating the automatic acceptance of all future specialists in the game settings. When a game is loaded for the first time after the release of Game Update 9, all currently open specialists are automatically accepted," writes Blue Byte. (buy now € 39.95 /€ 53.99 )

After Update 9 for Anno 1800 it is now possible to automatically publish a newspaper again until you deactivate the option when editing. The item pools of some AI vendors are also changing. While Eli Bleakworth only sells specialists, Archibald Blake is the only dealer who offers edicts. From now on, you can search through available items using the search function in the object menus of the Chamber of Commerce, the Town Hall, the Harbor Master's Office and the Quarter (in the Die Passage DLC).

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Also new: With the tab key you can now switch between buildings and ships. It is also possible to jump to a ship in the game world directly from the trade route menu. With the J button, you can immediately go to ruins and switch between them – even between sessions. In addition, there are several balancing changes in Anno 1800 Update 9. In the patch notes, the developers write, among other things, that all AI dealers will in future always offer twelve items in their ports. In the old Nate's trading pool you will now discover the "map of a deep-sea trench".

The update is rounded off by general improvements and optimizations to the graphics and user interface. For example, a transition when switching between entries in the quest book has been implemented. There is also a long list of bug fixes. The patch notes show, among other things, that game crashes with Alt + F4 under Windows 7 and 8.1 have been fixed. The complete changelog for the new Update 9 for Anno 1800 can be found on the Website for the building game.

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