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Pathfinder Media, Conan Properties International and Netflix are jointly producing a live-action series on the fantasy hero Conan, the barbarian. It is not yet clear whether actor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be there.

Soon there will obviously be a reunion with Conan. The barbarian gets his own Netflix series. Even though Amazon was in the running in 2018.

The barbarian returns!

Netflix was able to close a deal with Conan Properties International, which not only includes the series, but also films and animation projects. The series that has now been announced could only be one of the projects that await us in the future. Fantasy series have been very popular since Game of Thrones and Conan could target an adult audience with dark and brutal stories.

There is currently no indication of what the show's story is about or when we will see it. The planning has only just begun. It is also unknown whether actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is on board in any way. He played the muscle-bound barbarian in the films Conan, the barbarian from 1982 and Conan, the destroyer from 1984. Then Ralph Möller was in a series of Conan, the adventurer in the late 1990s. In 2011, the film series was rebooted with Jason Momoa in the lead role.

For years, however, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been trying to put together a new film in which he returns as the aged King Conan. It is conceivable that this will be realized with Netflix. We might get a film with an aged King Conan and a prequel series in which Conan talks about his youth.

There is definitely enough material to make a film. Author Robert E. Howard, who invented Conan in the 1930s, made up many stories about the warrior. In addition, there are a lot of comics that would certainly also work well. Let us be surprised what awaits us with the Netflix project.

Source: Variety

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