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Everyone at Blizzard organizes design competitions for students to promote talent and reward them with a mentoring session with (among others) WoW designers. Among other things, two magical mounts have been designed for the current contest. We would like to have them in the World of Warcraft too!

Every now and then, people at developer Blizzard Entertainment run contests where students can register to submit their creations for World of Warcraft or other Blizzard games. The purpose behind these competitions is to promote new talent and offer students the opportunity to get a taste of the work of the Blizzard designers as part of a mentoring program, among other things. The Blizzard team recently reviewed the current submissions for the student competition and selected the winners. In addition to the works of environment artists, animation artists and FX artists, there were also character artist works to be admired and two particularly stand out because they designed super-chic mounts.

Lars Robertson from Texas A&M University, the winner in the category, staged a bloodclaw mount from Nazmir, which should particularly please troll heroes – but of course all other residents of Azeroth. More works by By the way, you can find Lars Robertson at ArtStation admire.

Nazmir Bloodscavenger

Nazmir Bloodscavenger by Lars Robertson

Source: Blizzard

We are even more impressed with the “Ironbeak Thunder-Talon” mount by Blake Conklin from the Lake Washington Institute of Technology. It is a hybrid of a ram, an owl and somehow a bit of a llama.

Ironbeak Thunder-Talon

Ironbeak Thunder-Talon von Blake Conklin

Source: Blizzard

If we had the freedom of choice, then we would absolutely require both mounts from the WoW designers in the game; especially Blake Conklin’s mount looks very unique and interesting. We have rarely come across anything like it in Azeroth. What do you think you would want to grab these mounts too? You can check out all of the winning works and the submissions mentioned on the WoW website.

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