Considerable numbers of players shortly after the Steam release

of André Linken
The steam release of the first person shooter Borderlands 3 has aroused great interest among fans. Last Sunday, more than 93,000 players were active in the Steam version of the action game at the same time – even though it's already half a year old.

Only recently, 2K Games and Gearbox Software released the first-person shooter Borderlands 3 via Steam – half a year after the time-exclusive launch in the Epic Games Store. Although the release of the action game was six months ago, it seems that it hardly affects popularity. Last but not least the current numbers from

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Accordingly, the Steam version of Borderlands 3 (buy now for € 39.84) hit a peak of 93,820 concurrent players last Sunday. This is a remarkable number in itself, which is enough to jump into the current top 10 of Steam. The first-person shooter was thus even ahead of games such as Destiny 2 and Team Fortress 2. This number also shows how great the community's interest in the third Borderlands adventure is, even though it had already appeared in the Epic Games Store six months ago . Apparently, many fans have been waiting for the Steam release and only then struck.

By the way, the supply for all fans of Borderlands 3 is secured in the near future. Already on March 26, 2020, "Wummmen, Liebe und Tentakel: Die Wainwright & Hammerlock" will be the second major DLC for the first person shooter. Among other things, you can expect new legendary weapons, new cosmetic items and of course some new opponents. A total of four such story DLCs are planned. It is not yet known when the other two download extensions will follow.


Borderlands 3: Gameplay scenes from the DLC "Wummmen, Liebe und Tentakel"

Borderlands 3 is extremely popular on Steam. (2) (Source: 2k Games)

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Borderlands 3: Gameplay preview of the Humming, Love, and Tentacles DLC

2K Games gives you a detailed foretaste of the DLC "Wummmen, Liebe und Tentakel" for Borderlands 3. Borderlands 3: release on Steam, new update - that's in the patch "src ="

Borderlands 3: Release on Steam, new update – that's in the patch

Borderlands 3 has launched on Steam. Shortly before the launch, the developers released a new update. Borderlands 3: Activation and preloads on Steam - pre-downloads starting today "src ="

Borderlands 3: Activation and preloads on Steam – pre-downloads starting today

The start of Borderlands 3 is getting closer: The release will take place on March 13th. You start the preloads today.

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