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Console has to do without an important launch game

Image source: Sony.

Sony is starting with a narrow line-up for the release of the PlayStation 5. Now you have to say goodbye to a launch game, because it won't be released until next year. As a consolation, Sony donated it to you for free.

PlayStation 5

Launch title becomes a free "PS Plus" game

Sony announced on the PlayStation blogthat the multiplayer game Destruction All Stars will not appear as planned for the release of PlayStation 5 on November 19th. Instead, it gets to the February 2021 postponed.

Good news: The online game is for whole two months free be included in the "PS Plus" membership. Sony doesn't say why the game is being postponed, but you can expect a brand new trailer and more details soon.

If you have already pre-ordered the game, you will get the Purchase price refunded. The postponement is annoying, especially considering the much criticized PlayStation 5 launch line-up, but Sony will have reasonable reasons for it.

If you would like more information about the upcoming console, we have put together an overview of the price, release and design of the PlayStation 5.

With the postponement of Destruction AllStars, the already meager line-up of the PS5 continues to shrink. You can see all the launch titles in the following series of images:

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PS5: Launch title – all games that you can play right at the start

The postponement of Destruction AllStars is definitely a big blow to the PlayStation 5 line-up. The free availability as part of PS Plus is a nice consolation, after all. In the end, unfinished games cause more displeasure than an extended waiting period – so you have to be patient until February 2021.

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