New generation of consoles on the way

The time has come next week: the new Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X game consoles will go on sale. Well, at least in theory – because of the extremely high demand for pre-orders, which was also fueled by scalpers (see also my column on these nasty product buy-away money makers), it could be that there are none available for the release copies for sale in the shops and warehouses of the regular dealers. Those who have successfully pre-ordered will probably be served promptly – even some gamers have already received their Xbox Series Xs.

But how do PC gamers see the hype surrounding the new generation of consoles? Is this genre of gamers even interested in it? In the past, a clear separation between PC and console players was propagated. Now I have the feeling that many PC gamers also have a console, or at least aren't averse to it.

Sony Playstation 5 and accessories

Sony Playstation 5 and accessories

Source: Sony

Which, in my opinion, also has to do with the fact that the PC gaming community has long since grown up. In the 1990s, it was mainly teenagers and student-age people who played on the PC – a second platform was often not possible, if only because of the cost. Many of these players are still true to their hobby, but have long been working in jobs, and many have also started a family. Both of these – being a parent and making money from a job – make it a lot easier to say "yes" to a console. But console gamers are also increasingly trying out how a PC performs when it comes to gaming. Here, too, the fact that more and more have grown out of the community comes into play, but there is also the fact that a PC or laptop has become more and more important in the last 10 years in order to be able to keep up in school, training and many professions. And if you buy a PC anyway that is actually intended for, well, "serious" things, you can make it playable with a graphics card from around 130 to 150 euros.

That's how I became a console PC gamer

For me it is the variant "PC gamer grew up". As a child I already had a C64, then an Amiga 2000 and 4000 and at some point the first Windows PC. In all cases, gaming was an important point – to be honest, the most important point, although I passed different information to my parents …

Exploded view of an Xbox Series X

Exploded view of an Xbox Series X

Source: Microsoft

But a few years ago I bought an Xbox One S. I mainly wanted to play sports games like NHL and Madden (football), which were still available for the PC in the 90s, but then only for game consoles, with Madden since two Years ago will also appear again for the PC I left the Playstation 4 out and chose an Xbox, because I already had an Xbox controller for the PC and so after buying the Xbox, thanks to two controllers, I could also play with a friend who was visiting me. The exclusive titles of the Playstation were (and still are) not important enough to me. In addition, I took up an offer including Fifa for only around 220 euros – a Playstation would have cost more than 300 euros or more without the included game. I could have afforded that as a professional, but I didn't necessarily want to.

I'll also get the Xbox Series X in the next few months, maybe even before Christmas in a bundle. For my eyes, which are now over 45 years old, many games only look better on an Xbox One S (Full HD) when you look closely than on my PC in WQHD at maximum details, so that in itself no new console is necessary is. But the new generation of consoles will definitely deliver a visible leap even for me, and the promised short loading times also appeal to me. I think there are other good arguments in favor of a game console. And there are also many reasons for not only being a real game freak to have both types of technical game – i.e. a PC and a console that is well suited for current games – in the house, provided one can afford it. Thoughts and more I will describe in the further course of my column.

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