When Blizzard executives announced WoW's 15th anniversary Collector's Edition, it did not take long, and this limited-edition special edition with a Ragnaros figurine was out of print. No wonder, the alabaster white package looks extremely chic and just contains a cool figure. If you are one of those who were unlucky when ordering this Collector's Edition for the 15th WoW Anniversary, you can now try your luck in our raffle. Because we got sent by Blizzard employees one of these Collector's Editions and we want to bring that among the WoW fans.

Attention! So that no one can say that we have misled you: The Collector's Edition still contains all the goodies, but we have the pack already opened – somehow we had to ban Ragnaros on the picture. So if you only take part in the raffle because you want to resell one of the CEs in Mint Condition – unopened – Ett, bad luck.

So now to our raffle! We're giving away the 15th anniversary WoW Anniversary Collector's Edition and World of Warcraft (buy now for 17.23 €) Pop-up book by Panini and a promo pack for the release of WoW Classic. It contains some nice goodies, such as balls in the style of certain artifacts in the game that give you access, such as the Blackwing Hoard, and a magical sheep-style keychain. We want to get rid of all that. You want it? Then we come to the details!

To take part in the raffle, please make a postcard in the style of your favorite group, frank it and send it including a sender address or an e-mail address to the following address:

Computec Media c / o editorial buffed
15 years WoW
Dr. Mack Street 83
90762 Fürth

So you have enough time to tinker, the deadline is 9 December 2019 (the postmark is valid), From all punctual submissions, we draw the three lucky winners, who can look forward to either one, the other or the very different WoW goodie. So, dear WoW friends? Which faction is the faction in your heart? The horde? The alliance? We are curious what you send us!

We wish you good luck! You can find our general competition conditions here, The legal recourse is excluded as always and a cash payment of the prices is not possible.

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