Twitch streamers keep coming up with new things to entertain their viewers. A game that is currently streamed particularly frequently is the brightly colored Fall Guys. Here streamer Rudeism could rock himself to victory with his guitar.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Even the developers of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout did not expect this success, but the rush to the server is so extreme that it even leads to failures every now and then. Streamers also regularly plunge into the colorful scramble and try using their keyboard or controller the last standing bean to be. If you think the controller and keyboard are boring – we have a solution!

Colorful, crazy and you need strong nerves. This is Fall Guys.

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Fall Guys: All mini-games at a glance

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Fall Guys: Rock the crown with a guitar

We don't know exactly how he did it, we do Streamer Rudeism programmed his rock band guitar this waythat it gave him good timing and enough maneuverability to assert himself against other players and skillfully work his way up the route.

"I won Fall Guys with a rock band guitar!"

Usually these will Rock band guitars used in VR, but the smallest touch is enough to move his beanie, so good that in the end he managed to be the first to touch the crown and thus secure the victory of the show. Let's see what ideas the players will come up with.