Twitch took a stand against violence and recently removed the cult emote PogChamp. The platform was planning to design a new emote with the community and that might have been faster than expected.

Twitch: A new, old PogChamp emote

After the riots in the Capitol Building in Washington, Twitch could no longer represent the PogChamp emote with a clear conscience and did not hesitate for long. The emote has been removed, but something new should be created together with the community that should be used for upcoming hype moments. A suggestion from Sean Plott was quickly implemented.

Sean Plott is a former StarCraft: Brood War professional and is now a StarCraft 2 commentator. He had the idea to basically keep the cult emote, but to change the appearance regularlyto create a sense of community:

"Yo @Twitch suggestion for PogChamp: Create a database of streamer and / or general faces. Whenever someone types in PogChamp, it will randomly display one of these faces. Would give a chat spamming PogChamp a really nice crowd feel and instead tie the meaning to all of us. "

Twitch is obviously enthusiastic about this idea:

"You know what? To experience 2021 in spirit together, let's just do that! Get ready for a new PogChamp every 24 hours, starting today. "

Thanks to the good cooperation of the community, you no longer have to do without the iconic emote.

Original article from January 7, 2020:

Twitch responds quickly and removes a cult emote

The popular and popular emote PogChamp on Twitch will no longer exist in the future. At least not in the familiar form. The reason for this are terrible expressions of the face behind the emote: The streamer Gootecks.

As Kotaku reported the streamer Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez posted a tweet calling for acts of violence related to current events in Washington. The tweet is in response to a shootout that took place in the Capitol Building in Washington has occurred. A woman was killed:

"Will there be civil resistance for the woman who was executed in the Capitol today or will the #MAGAMartyr have died in vain?"

According to Kotaku, Twitch reacted quickly and made the decision to do this Cult emote PogChamp as it adorns the face of the streamer. Twitch says this:

“We want Pog to continue to exist and be used – its meaning is far greater than the person in it or the image itself – and it has a big place in the culture of Twitch. In any case, we cannot allow the further use of the picture with a clear conscience. "

Twitch plan to work with the community new emote to design to act for hype moments on Twitch. It was also not the first time that the streamer made inappropriate comments on sensitive topics, as Kotaku writes.

Twitch is taking a stand against violence and is not afraid of removing even popular cult emotes in the process. This is an important and correct step. In the future, viewers will have to access a new emote, but the spirit of PogChamp will certainly be preserved – even with a new face.