Friday, July 30, 2021

Controversial horror game is back again

Image: Red Candle Games

Actually, Devotion has been around for two years, but the controversial horror game from Taiwan has been released again at various stores. Now the developer takes care of it himself.

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The Taiwanese studio Red Candle Games took part Devotion delivered a really successful horror game. However, many players did not have the opportunity to test the atmospheric first-person nightmare for themselves. The game could only be purchased on Steam for a few days and GOG followed up on its announcement to offer the game "Many messages from players" back again.

The "Winnie the Pooh Debacle"

An in-game artwork is responsible for the devotion controversy. In "political memes" becomes Chinese President Xi Jinping is often compared to Winnie the Pooh and made fun of him like that. Since then, the cartoon bear has not been welcomed in China and the “political meme” in Devotion ensured that the Chinese publisher parted ways with Red Candle Games. The game was then removed from Steam and GOG also backed down due to pressure from players.

You can read the whole story again here:

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Marina HanselJuly 16, 2019

Red Candle Games offers Devotion itself

In June 2020, Devotion celebrated a small comeback. The game was sold in a special edition as a physical version, but only in Taiwan. However, Red Candle Games announced via Twitter an e-shop at. There is one there digital version of devotion to buy.

In addition to Devotion, the studio also offers its first work Detention. The game soundtracks can also be purchased. In the e-shop you will find further projects of the developer in the future. The games are DRM free, so actually belong to you after the purchase.

Aside from the discussion about censorship by the Chinese government, Devotion is a horror game that has been praised by critics and fans. The artwork can no longer be found in the game, by the way, the developer removed it early on and described it as an oversight that shouldn't actually end up in the finished game.