Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Controversial psychological horror is returning prettier than ever – Winnie the Pooh is not on the package

The Taiwanese horror game Devotion caused a lot of controversy, especially with an Easter egg in the game, which even made the game temporarily disappear from Steam.

Devotion released on February 2019 on Steam and got many positive reviews and thousands of viewers on Twitch. However, the game had to be removed from Steam due to complaints from Chinese players.

There is an artwork in the game that shows Chinese Presidents Xi Jinping and Winnie Puuh, who are often associated with memes or insults. The word "idiot" below the picture probably also contributed to the outcry being large enough to cancel the Steam game.

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According to Red Candle Games, the Winnie the Pooh picture was just a place hold that was unfortunately not removed.

Accidentally or not Devotion is very popular with fans and critics. The release as a physical version is a reason for joy for fans, especially since the packaging has become very pretty.

According to the 80s setting of the game, it appears in a VHS cassette, the game itself is on a USB stick. There is also a book and stickers, and the soundtrack comes in a more expensive version. It's almost a shame that this physical retail version will only be available in Taiwan. Maybe this re-release is the beginning of a bigger comeback.