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Cooking Mama: Cookstar was briefly available on Nintendo eShop, but then suddenly disappeared. There are rumors that Bitcoin mining software is hidden in the code. A supposed developer of the game is now clarifying the situation.

Actually the game is supposed to Cooking Mama: Cookstar released for the Nintendo Switch in May, but appeared there recently. However, the game disappeared again and the Nintendo community wonders what happened.

Is Bitcoin mining software hidden in the game?

Rumors arose that Cooking Mama: Cookstar was said to be mining Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in the background. Because those who could win the title report that the switch (buy now) very overheated when playing. Now an alleged developer of the game has spoken. He explains: "The statement about cryptocurrency was nothing more than buzzwords. The head of Planet Entertainment knows very little about these things … he only used a fancy language to find potential investors who like this stuff. Regarding the crashes / Overheating: This comes from the Unity engine used. It's not the best product, but it did it through several rigorous reviews by Nintendo and Sony. There's no way to get crypto mining content through these tests doubt anyone at developer 1p would be able to do that at all. "

According to the developer, there were inconsistencies between the publisher Planet Entertainment and Office Create that hold the license to Cooking Mama. Planet Entertainment has allegedly published Cooking: Cookstar against the express request of Office Create, who wanted to optimize the title even further or maybe even discontinue it. Now there should be a legal dispute between the two parties, which makes it appear questionable whether the game still appears at all.

Source: ScreenRant

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